Have You Recently Lost a Loved One?
Losing a loved one is always difficult. Unfortunately, this period of grief can be further complicated when it comes to settling your loved one’s affairs – especially when their estate is subject to probate.

Probate can be an expensive and time consuming process which can take months or even years to settle. And, as the probate process goes on, bills can pile up putting additional financial strain on the estate and further complicating the settlement process for the family or survivors.

Do You Need Help Settling an Estate?
If you have been appointed as the executor or personal representative of an estate or have been entrusted with disposing of a decedent’s property, we may be able to help you get cash for the real and personal property stuck in the probate process.

We Can Provide Quick Solutions for Your Real Estate and Probate Needs
At Sundance Estate Properties, we specialize in helping people get through the probate process easily. We find quick, creative solutions to solve your specific real estate and probate needs. Best of all, we will handle all of the necessary paperwork so you can put your headaches behind you!

Fill out the contact us page to see if we can help you solve your probate headaches.  Your information will always be kept 100% confidential and you have no obligation ever.